Hey, I’m

Mario Krstovski

Handball player/ Student



I'm so glad that I succeed to steal a little bit of your time and will try to keep you up here as long as needed :)  

About me:

I am 22 years old and born in Macedonia. 
With my ambitions at my 19' I already decided to leave my country so that i could improve, get to know myself more... Therefore I was used to being away from home on some way as i did not studied high school in my hometown but went to another city in Macedonia so that was not such a problem for me and I knew that I will get along as hard as it gets. 
I will state here the fact that i trained handball since I have been 11 and my high school diploma "stand" is that i finished Gymnasium in the sector of Sports Academy and my educational program: Handball with an excellent degree(grade 5).  

I always want to take risks when I have to count on me

At this moment I am based in Slovenia, Maribor, while studying UNI program at the faculty of Economics and Business. Basically I'm in my second year of university, particularly on half of the way graduating whereas I chose the E-business direction. It's really a "way" that I like, with all the opportunities it gives to you..
For Example: It is a wide range of business processes and you can easily find yourself the one that fits you most and manage it or, transfer from one to another process/sector.

Right above here I will list my informations (personal and student's email) where you can easily contact me: